Why is Dental Care Important

We all know teeth are a vital part of our and our beloved pet’s body. Nature blesses us with this set of teeth only once in our lifetime so keeping them clean and healthy will go a long way to help preventing malodour, reduce pain, discomfort and excess drooling.

The bacteria from food debris can combine with the saliva to cause plaque which accumulates on the teeth. This continual bacteria growth and deposition of calcium salts hardens the plaque and turns into tartar which has a consistency like limestone

This continued growth of these bugs has potential to cause many serious diseases. It is postulated that these harmful microbes can cross into the blood stream and infect internal organs like heart, liver and kidneys.

The good news is that we at the 16th Avenue Animal Hospital can work with you for a complete dental care program. This includes dental cleaning and polishing, advice on home care and nutrition. Your pet is never too old to deserve a good and a healthy set of teeth.

Happy Pets make Happy Homes